Barry Riordan's Dunigan History

Bernard (Barney) Dunigan

(Bernard Dunigan also spelled his name as "Dunnigan" very frequently. The spelling with one "n" is used throughout this history. Bernard is also the ancestor of George Dunigan, whose history appears elsewhere on this site. There are a few differences between my history and George's that are attributable mainly to information recently discovered. )

George F. Dunigan II Family History

Dunigan Family History

Family History

George F. Dunigan II

Direct line back to prior to 1800.

Edward Dunigan mar. to Mary. I think of County Westmeath , Kilkenny Parish, Ireland. If it is then we will know where our family came from in Ireland. Bernard was the first to arrive in the US. See below.

My Family History - John Lowell Hayes

Hello. My Name is John Lowell Hayes; I go by Lowell. I am the 3rd of 6 children of Marshall A. Hayes, JR (1906-1992) and Erma Lucile Dunagan (1910-1979) of Lott, Falls Co., Texas. Myh mother was number 8 of 10 children born to John Park Dunagan and Louvenia Campbell. John Park was the son of John Brice Dunagan/Sarah Jarrett Alexander and the grand son of John Dunagan and Martha Harlan, and the ggrandson of Ezekiel Dunagan and Lydia Brown.

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From Dick Dunagan in Wi for the Yahoo Dunagan List:


Dunegan Family History

I am Rozell (Sangster) Thomas. My husband and I live in rural Durant, Oklahoma in a community called Blue.

I am the daughter of Earl McKlene and Mamie Agnes (Dunegan) Sangster.

My grandad is William Landon Dunegan, Jr. He came to the Indian Territory in 1885 from Kent, Newton County Missouri, where his father owned a farm.
His parents are William Landon Dunegan, Sr. and Sydney Caroline Mayfield who had the following children:
Dallas b: May 1852 in Newton Co., MO - d: Wade, Bryan Co., OK
Wm Landon, Jr. B: March 15, 1855 Newton Co., Mo - d:Jan 24, 1906 Wade, I.T.

Nancy Dunigan

I thought I would notate the little I know about my grandfather Berry Ransom Dunigan born 05/09/1876 in Lee Co KY died 09/07/33 Morgan Co KY. I understand from my mother that his father's name was Berry Ransom Dun(n)igan and mother was Martisha Bryant. He married Sarah Maloney born 01/04/1876 in Lee County Ky died 12/23/39 Morgan County Ky. (Sarah is the daughter of George Maloney from Owsley County, Ky married to Mildred Ann Blount, Owsley Co, Ky.) Berry and Sarah had 12 children, my father Burnice was one, and the following list is compliments of my cousin, Jerry Gilbert.

Judy Steele's Family History

I am Judy Steele, and my family descendency is as follows:

Judith Allen Steele
Josephine Holder Allen
Mary Jane Dunegan Holder
David Crockett Dunegan
Samuel Dunnegan and Alcey/Alsey Dunnegan
Absalom Dunnegan

I live in MI, am married and have 5 children and 7 Grandchildren.
I enjoy researching my family tree and am also researching my husband's. That is a total of 58 surnames and it is very easy now that I have a pc.
I've sent out the reunion (2007) letters and wanted to let all know that I found the following spellings on RootsWeb:

Albert P Dunagin's Family History

My name is Albert P. Dunagin Jr. born 5/14/1930 son of Albert P. Dunagin born 9/29/1882,died 11/1949. My grandfather was John Riley Dunagin and his father was Jasper Dunagin. There were four children in my family. David L. Dunagin b 1/15/1921 KIA 6/18/1944 over Germany. Mary L. Dunagin Powell b 11/07/1922 still living L. A. California. Ruth Dunagin b 9/22/1925 died 8/1953. We were all born in Gravette, Ark. Benton co. is the county seat. We are 20 or so miles from the battle of Dunagins Farm near Avoca, Ark. My wife Jane and I have 3 sons David Lee born 1956 in Kansas City, Mo. now a retired marine corp major and a defense attorney living in Ft.

Dick Dunagan's Blog

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February 22, 2014
With some health improvements and a review of how to change my password, I intend to be active again - from time to time.

Edward Dunagin's picture

Edward Dunagin's Family History

When I first started this project,
researching the 'Dunagin' family. I knew
there would be problems, because my family
came from the hill country of Kentucky.
but I NEVER suspected the quagmire of

For some reason, my father changed the
spelling of my last name on my birth
certificate, from the immediate family
spelling of 'Dunigan' to 'Dunagin' he
would not tell me the reason. He passed
on in 1987.

Because of this, I suspected there might
be some difficulty with the spelling of
the last name. but little did I know.

I ran into a fellow, RV Dunagan, Dick,

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