Albert P Dunagin's Family History

My name is Albert P. Dunagin Jr. born 5/14/1930 son of Albert P. Dunagin born 9/29/1882,died 11/1949. My grandfather was John Riley Dunagin and his father was Jasper Dunagin. There were four children in my family. David L. Dunagin b 1/15/1921 KIA 6/18/1944 over Germany. Mary L. Dunagin Powell b 11/07/1922 still living L. A. California. Ruth Dunagin b 9/22/1925 died 8/1953. We were all born in Gravette, Ark. Benton co. is the county seat. We are 20 or so miles from the battle of Dunagins Farm near Avoca, Ark. My wife Jane and I have 3 sons David Lee born 1956 in Kansas City, Mo. now a retired marine corp major and a defense attorney living in Ft.

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Edward Dunagin's Family History

When I first started this project,
researching the 'Dunagin' family. I knew
there would be problems, because my family
came from the hill country of Kentucky.
but I NEVER suspected the quagmire of

For some reason, my father changed the
spelling of my last name on my birth
certificate, from the immediate family
spelling of 'Dunigan' to 'Dunagin' he
would not tell me the reason. He passed
on in 1987.

Because of this, I suspected there might
be some difficulty with the spelling of
the last name. but little did I know.

I ran into a fellow, RV Dunagan, Dick,

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