Passing of Edward Dunagin

It is with a heavy heart that I break the sad news of the passing of my father, Edward Dunagin, the administrator of this web site, last week after a long illness. This site was a labor of love for him and although for the last few years he had been unable to post as often as he would have liked, he enjoyed reading your stories and hearing the histories of Dunagins of All Spellings.

Ezekiel Jackson Dunagan named after our Grandfather GGG Grandfather Ezekiel Jackson

Looking through a number pf papers left to me by my Grandmother Mary Dunagan Barber, and speaking to various relatives. I have some interesting information concerning my GGG Grandfather Ezekiel it appears he had a wild spirit. He married my GGG Grandmother Lydia Ann Brown after a number of children with Lydia she passed on. He then married Margaret Peggy Wallace, they had several children. He had several slaves on his farm in GA. Two of these slaves were his sons.

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Henry Francis Dunnigan

The descendants of Henry Francis Dunnigan

1. Henry Francis DUNNIGAN was born in April 1867 in KY.. He died after 1910 in KY?. Henry, wife Mary J. and family
were residents of Wolfe Co., KY. (ED 92-15) during the 1900 census, however by 1910 the family had removed to Whitley
Co., KY. (ED 244-194).
He was married to Mary Jane GRAHAM about 1887 in KY.. Mary Jane GRAHAM was born in August 1868 in KY.. She
died after 1910 in KY?. Henry Francis DUNNIGAN and Mary Jane GRAHAM had the following children:

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