My Family History - John Lowell Hayes

Hello. My Name is John Lowell Hayes; I go by Lowell. I am the 3rd of 6 children of Marshall A. Hayes, JR (1906-1992) and Erma Lucile Dunagan (1910-1979) of Lott, Falls Co., Texas. Myh mother was number 8 of 10 children born to John Park Dunagan and Louvenia Campbell. John Park was the son of John Brice Dunagan/Sarah Jarrett Alexander and the grand son of John Dunagan and Martha Harlan, and the ggrandson of Ezekiel Dunagan and Lydia Brown.

I enjoy the research and the new cousins that I meet over the net. I also really enjoy the personal contact when you meet face to face as I did with Ed and his lovely wife Bon nie in Bozeman this past year.

Happy researching in the new year!


Hello Mr. Hayes

Hello again where are you???? Are you still interested in the Dunagans??? If you are as you say a Grandson of Ezekiel and Lydia Dunagan.
We are blood cousins. I would really love to hear from you. They say the third time is the charm. We'll see.

Hannah Dunagan

I believe we're related

Dear Mr. Hayes,

I e-mailed you twice. I wanted to make contact as we have the same Grandparents. My GGG Grandfather IS Ezekiel Dunagan and my GGG Grandmother IS Lydia Ann Brown-Dunagan.
I would love to hear from a cousin, Please reply. Thank you.


Hannah Dunagan Barber-Abraham


Hello Mr. Hayes,

I'm Hannah Dunagan Barber, I'm the GGG Granddaughter of Ezekiel Jackson Dunagan and GGG Granddaughter of Lydia Ann Brown. My GG Grandfather is Ezekiel J. Dunagan and his wife Lucindy. Lucindy maiden name is unknown. They had a son my G Grandfather Ezekiel J Dunagan
G Grandfather married Nancy E. Evans. they had my Grandmother Mary Dunagan-Barber. She married James Monroe Barber. They had my father James Robert Dunagan Barber. It seems we are related. This is quite exciting. Please e-mail me you will find me under Hannah Dunagan Barber-Abraham.
Looking forward to hearing from you.