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I am so proud

I am a 78 year old disabled veteran with time on my hands. Today, I spent some of that time looking over information on this site, I am so proud of our ancestries. And all of you should also be proud.

I started with Percy Dunagan's book that is on this site. Then I went to Links to Sites of Interest For DOAS's and the Family history that is the last on this list. It is so amazing! Medal Of Honor, and Silver Star. Plus all of the history of our ancestors
in the forming of the New United States called America. What a history. It will open your eyes!

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Edward Dunagin's Family History

When I first started this project,
researching the 'Dunagin' family. I knew
there would be problems, because my family
came from the hill country of Kentucky.
but I NEVER suspected the quagmire of

For some reason, my father changed the
spelling of my last name on my birth
certificate, from the immediate family
spelling of 'Dunigan' to 'Dunagin' he
would not tell me the reason. He passed
on in 1987.

Because of this, I suspected there might
be some difficulty with the spelling of
the last name. but little did I know.

I ran into a fellow, RV Dunagan, Dick,

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