George F. Dunigan II Family History

Dunigan Family History

Family History

George F. Dunigan II

Direct line back to prior to 1800.

Edward Dunigan mar. to Mary. I think of County Westmeath , Kilkenny Parish, Ireland. If it is then we will know where our family came from in Ireland. Bernard was the first to arrive in the US. See below.
Bernard Dunigan mar. to Julia Ryan. Bernard was born Oct. 14 1828 in Ireland to Edward and Mary Dunigan. He migrated to the US in 1847 at the age of 19 shipping out of Liverpool England. He married Julia Ryan daughter of John and Julia ( Doyle) Ryan in 1853. Julia was born on June 24. 1835 and was married at 18 to Bernard. They enjoyed 11 children and lived at 325 Amboy Ave. in Woodbridge. They shared a golden wedding anniversary in 1903 and Bernard died the following year in 1904. They are both buried in Woodbridge N.J. at the St. James Cemetery. Julia died in 1912. See Dunigan family file in my home office for additional information. I have pictures of both Bernard and Julia. The picture of Bernard was taken at age 69.

When Bernard first arrived in the US he made his way to Pennsylvania where he worked in the anthracite mines in Lausanne Township (Carbon County ). Bernard and Julia’s first child was born almost a year after they were married. I’m told the child was born in California or Illinois. The rest of the children 10 in total were all born in Woodbridge New Jersey. Their names: John, Thomas, Ellen M, Marcella Jane, Julia A , Margaret, Catherine, Bernard, Joseph and Maurice P.

After returning to Woodbridge Bernard then opened a clay pit and ran it successfully for many years supplying the bricks to build a then growing New York City.

Julia Ryan was from Tipperary, Ireland. I have found three Edward Dunigan’s in County Westmeath, Kilkenny Parish. They are the only Dunigan men spelled that way in the entire country at that time.

The pictures I have enclosed are of Bernard and Julia sent to me by a second cousin once removed Barry Riorden. The picture of Bernard was taken on July 27th 1897 when he was 69.

John Michael Dunigan Sr. married to Catherine Moore

John was born in 1856 and died in 1935. He is buried in Saint Joseph Cemetery in Rossville, on Staten Island, New York. He moved from Woodbridge, New Jersey around 1875 to Staten Island, New York.

Catherine was born on July 14th 1857
and died on Feb 5th 1949. She was born in Woodbridge N.J.
and died on Staten Island, N.Y. Catherine and John Sr. enjoyed 13 children. I have hard copies of their (Catherine and John) obits in my files on the family.

Catherine’s parents were Irish.
Her father was Edward Moore and he lived on Ann St. in Manhattan, N.Y. I have been told that he was both a cop and cabinet -maker. I have contacted Senator Kennedy’s Office to inquire as to whether Ed was the old family friend that Joe Kennedy named the Senator for. I never really received a reasonable response. A staff aid indicated that Edward Moore was a great friend of the Sr. Joseph Kennedy but that he was not related. I knew that!!! I wanted to know if my great grandfather Edward Moore and the Kennedy friend were one and the same. Never did clear that up.

Catherine’s mother was Mary O’Conner and was from County, Slago Ireland. She lived
to be 96 years old and her trip to Ireland to 7 weeks on the ship. Her mother was a Fitzgerald. (Which is what peeked my interest in the Kennedy line.) John M. Dunigan Jr. Married to Elizabeth Rhonalda . Married lived and died on Staten Island New York. They lived at 40 Carlin Street in Tottenville, Staten Island NY. John was born in 1883, lived to be 75 years old and died in 1959. Elizabeth, born in 1888, lived to be 89 and died in Oct of 1976. . They had six children all who lived and died on SI, NY. Mary, Edna, George, Alberta, John, and Agnes. Alberta and Agnes are the only ones alive as of this writing. Feb 2000. I believe they my grandparents are buried at the St. Joeseph’s Cemetary in Rossville on Staten Island. But am not positive.
George F Dunigan Sr, married Doris Irene Dennis Woodward. Lived on S.I. N.Y. and then later Fredericksburg, Va. My parents had three children Patricia Doris born in 1942 Me in 1946 and Robert Michael eight years later.
Doris was born Dec 21, 1916 and died in Sept of 1980 at 64 and George born Oct 17, 1912 died August 1988.He was 75. He an Doris are buried beside each other in Fredericksburg, Virginia (which is the hometown of Doris.)George F Dunigan II . Two children Tracey Anne and Kevin Todd. Tracey Anne was born in 1970 and married Tom Hadley. She lives in northern New Jersey and has been doing local theatre there. Kevin born in 1972 and lives in Logan, Ohio. He is the Sports Editor for WLGN- ESPN radio. (2005)

George II began his work life as a merchant seaman. He was graduated from Marshall University with a B.S. in Social Studies in 1969. He became a teacher and coach in Logan, Ohio where he was elected twice to City Council. He worked for a US Congressman and became a lobbyist representing osteopathic physicians and hospitals. In 1996 he began representing Ohio University. George has two siblings Patricia Doris Dunigan Moore and Robert Michael. He is married to the former Pam Guyton of Columbus, Ohio. He has two children from a previous marriage to Sandy Howery. Tracey Anne Hadley and Kevin Todd.

Kevin Todd Dunigan. Sports Editor WLGN Radio.Erin Elizabeth Dunigan First daughter to Kevin and Jackie Dunigan. Born July 2003.

Some other Dunigan family members of interest.

Chesta Dunigan
217 Manhattan St.
SI NY 10307-1804
Phone 1 718 984 2884 Her father is Maurice “Bud “ Dunigan. His wife Joyce and he live in Fla.
Maurice Bud Dunigan Died July 2000.
132 Hibiscus Way
Leesburg Fla. 34748
Phone 1 904 787 6193
Sissy Gilby and Bobby. Sissy is the daughter of my grandfathers sister, Her mother lived to be 100. Aunt Nellie .Sissy’s address is :

Mrs Robert Gilby
302 Hollywood St.
Lehigh Acres Fla. 33936

Sissy sent me the picture in my file of my grandfather John Dunigan walking her to the church to be married in 1944. Also a picture of my grand parents and the first picture I have ever seen of my great grandmother Catherine Moore Dunigan. See my hard copy file on the Dunigan family.
Chesta sent me a number of obits of the family as well

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