My Dunagan Family

Hello all you Dunagans,

I'm Hannah Dunagan Barber, married name is Abraham. I'm a direct descendant of Thomas Dunagan born in Limerick Ireland date of birth was June 16, 1706. Thmomas married my Grandmother Sarah her last name is unknnown perhaps some of you folks might know it. She was born around 1710.
These fine people are my GGGGG Grandparents. They had a son Joseph Dunagan he was born in 1740 his first marriage is unknown to our family. Also Joseph was not born in Ireland as many think. He was born in Virginia or North Carolina. We do know he had a son Ezekiel Jackson Dunagan born May 16, 1771 in Toms Creek, GA.Ezekial married my Grandmother Lydia Ann Brown-Dunagan. They had a number of children,
One was my GG Grandfather Ezekiel J. Dunahan who married my Grandmother Lucindy, we don't have Lucindy's last name they were married about 1841 in GA. I'm getting a bit ahead of the story. GGG Grandfather Ezekiel Jackson Dunagan had two marriages the first to my GGG Grandmother Lydia Ann Brown, they were married about 1791 in South Carolina. His second marriage was to a Margaret (peggy) Wallace-Dunagan. They also had a number of children. Traveling on the Ezekiel road, by the way Ezekiel seemed to be a popular name for the Dunagan's. My G Grandfather was born October 1843 in GA he married Feb 20 1862 to my G Grandmother Nancy E Evans in Hall CO Ga.
Nancy was born March 1842 Hall CO GA she passed away in 1900-1910 in Memphis TN some say she died in Marshall CO Mississppi. She had my Grandmother Mary Evans-Dunagan. Grandma was born in Marshall CO Mississippi. She died when I was 11 years old May 28, 1956. She married my Grandfather James M. Barber January 6 1886. They had nine children one was my father James Robert Barber, he has passed away. I'm an only child. and was quite lonely as a young girl. But our large family made up for alot of not having brothers and sisters. I married and have four wonderful Dunagan-Barber boys. Two are grown and have children of their own, but I had a suprise when I was fifty I had another son and a year later one more boy. Isaac and Jacob are now 12 and 11. So they keep me quite busy. Thank goodness for that Dunagan blood line running threw my veins. If any of you folks know who Lydia Ann Browns parents were please let me know. Peace and Love, Hannah Dunagan Barber-Abraham All material of Hannah's family is legally protected, this includes all written material and pictures.

Hannah Dunagan's kin folks

It's alway good to see someone provide information about Ezekiel's relatives. Just one comment about the Thomas born in 1706 in Ireland. If indeed he is the ancestor of DOAS in spite of some doubts, then one must consider that the Thomas whose wife was apparently Sarah is listed in the 1820 Kentucky census as Thomas Sr. and cannot be the one born in 1706 in Ireland. The evidence for Sarah being his wife is confined to a couple of real estate transactions in Surry County, NC in which she is listed also. There in Surry he is referred to as Thomas Sr. and Thomas A in addition to Thomas, dealing with the same properties and taxation. Evidently the Thomas who appeared in VA is the same one who obtained a grant in present Wake County, NC but died in about 1763. Thomas Sr. and John Sr. sold his land. Further clarification may be found in my book, "The Early Dunagans of Surry County, North Carolina". A PDF file may be obtained free by requesting it at my e-mail address:

Hannah Dunagan and her Cousins Shawn and Scott Dunagan

Hannah,Shawn, and Scott Dunagan: Hannah and some Dunagan CousinsHannah,Shawn, and Scott Dunagan: Hannah and some Dunagan Cousins

Here is a picture of me and my cousins.