Gail Yates

To fully explain, what I meant was the confusion I had in trying to find the full name of the Dunnagan/Dunnegan/Donegan men
that married the Yates women in my line. I am related to some of the Dunnagan line in about 7 or 8 different ways, and one of
those is throuh the Yates line. With the information I now have, I am slowly tying things together, and trying to document the location
of that information. Due to people using the same names, I have had an extremely difficult job. Unless you have dates to match or
name listings of family members, it is almost impossible.
Adaline Yates b. 5 Nov 1838, Dickson County TN, married A. C. Dunnagan 6 Feb 1867 in Dickson County, TN. I always
understood that his name was Alvin Charles, when it was actually Andrew Curnaw. I am still looking to find that again, so I can
try and trace it. Adaline's sister, Ady Elizabeth Yates, b. 14 Apr 1835 in Dickson County, TN, married George W. Dunnagan
12 Oct 1855 in Dickson County, TN. I also have ties through the Vineyard family (my gg grandmother was Matilda and she had
a nephew William Berry Vineyard m. Malona Dunnagan, the daughter of William B. (Baldy) and Margaret (Maggie) Yates Dunnagan, etc.).
Needless to say, the lines intertwined a whole lot, and it seems they used initials and same names in a great deal of the intertwined lines.
For example, I found Major, and Major Jethro names used in the Yates, Myatt, Dunnagan/Donegan lines, which helped me find the
ties to those lines. Major Jethro Yates was my ggg grandfather, and he was the grandfather of Maggie Yates. Maggie named one
of her sons, Major Jethro (Dick) Dunnagan (he married Ida Holland, daughter of Sefrona Yates Holland, a sister of Adaline & Ady Elizabeth).
I think you can see where my confusion would happen with A. C. Dunnagan. Especially after being told that his name was Alvin Charles, and
then finding the name Andrew Curnaw.
My database currently has about 2,625 surnames, and 24,400 names, so it is a daunting task to trace those families to
different counties and states that I know they traveled to, and approximate dates. In working on all of this, I find that I am
literally kin to most of the families in about a 50 mile radius of Dickson, and I haven't scratched the surface:-))

Generations - 10

According to my FTM computations, there are 10 generations in my lineage of Charles Dunnigan. Most of the information has been confirmed by others before, but I have worked on updating some of it over the past year. I sent an outline of descent to Martha Gujda, since she shares a line with me. Hopefully, we can figure out how to post the entire tree on this site. I know the Myatt family has a huge tree on their online site. If anyone needs information on kinfolks from Dickson County, I can hopefully help them with it.