Ekekiel Jackson Dunagan

Ekekiel Jackson Dunagan

Ezekiel Jackson Dunagan in GA with a few of his slaves or workers. This was just before Lydia Ann Brown passed away.
Taken in GA. He remarried again to Margaret "Peggy Wallace. Ezekiel was born May 16, 1771 in Toms Creek, GA He married my GGG Grandmother Lydia Ann about 1791 in SC Lydia had thirteen children, and Ezekiel had about six children with Margret Wallace.
My Grandfather was a strong man and so full of life. He is my GGG Grandfather His father was Joseph Dunagan born in 1740.
I obtained so much information about my southern Dunagan family from my Grandmother Mary Dunagan Barber. When she passed on I inhertied her home in Memphis and so many douments and family pictures of the Dunagans and the Barber's. As children we were told we had Creek or Cheyenne blood. I would still like to know more about Lydia I don't know who her parents were. Also Ezekiel J. Dunagan's wife Lucindy
he was my GG Grandfather. Some say it was Lucindy that was part Indian. When I had my DNA test and found this out I was very thrilled to be part Indian I just want to know from which of the Dunagan's through marriage this came from. To me the Indian is the true American
The two young men in the back near Ezekiel are his blood sons, the one has his arm resting on his father's shoulder. It's really not that unusual to have bi-racial children back then and now. From these young men we have many bi-racial distant cousins living today, that carry the Dunagan blood line. This material is legally protected.